New Year – New Roof Update

The work on the church roof is in full swing.  A new secondary end plate has been installed on both sides of the chancel and rotten timber replaced, which were the additional essential works identified by a structural engineer and detailed in the last update.  The revised quote including this essential work has been received which totals £59,692 + VAT. The VAT can be claimed back through the Listed Buildings Scheme, but will still need to be paid as the invoices are received.

A grant application was going to be made to WREN to help fund the £12,000 needed for the replacement guttering which was planned to start in April.  However, it has since come to light that the new guttering has to be in place before the roof covering can be completed so the guttering has had to be purchased and installed early.  This means an application to WREN for funding can no longer be made as it they will only consider funding for work that has not yet started.   The repair to the gable end coping stones, the temporary covering costs and the Architect/planning fees also need to be added to the final cost.

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The total of the church roof repair fund currently stands at £55,218.10 (including pledged funds not yet received). The £10,000 chancel fund which the church has saved up over many decades will be used, however that still unfortunately leaves a funding shortfall currently in the region of £18,000.

The church wardens have been working hard to try to raise more funds and request an increase the grants already given, with limited success.  Plans are currently being discussed for fundraising events this year, so please contact the Barnby Parochial Church Council or contact Friends of All Saints <here> if you are able to organise a fundraising activity, this wonderful community building needs ongoing community support to bring it back to being the heart and pride of our beautiful village!