Church roof repairs are GO!

At last, the work has started on repairing All Saints Church roof!

It is anticipated that the roof repair will take approximately 16 weeks, assuming that the roof timbers are still sound following inspection. Fundraising is ongoing and currently stands at £52,263 which is fantastic but we need more!

Church Warden & Treasurer Yvette Wellard detailed in the last paper edition of the Barnby News, that the revised quote for repairs had come in at £43,051 + VAT. This quote is to cover the whole roof in terne-coated steel and assumes that the roof timbers are still sound. The cast iron rainwater guttering and downpipes were also badly damaged which will cost a further £12,500 and there are the additional costs of architects fees and temporary roof coverings.

Of the seventeen charities contacted by Church Warden Yvonne Hewitt, there are still a number of replies outstanding. Some of these charities are charitable trusts that only meet once or twice a year, so it will take time for all the responses to come through, but of the £52,263 raised, £19,750 has come from donations pledged (£16,500 not yet received) by these charities so far.

The response from the community has been amazing with fundraising ranging from coffee mornings to summer concerts and parties, knitting to singing. The BBQ event held by the Willow Tree pub raised in excess of £1,100.  Additionally John & Sheila Reid recently celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary and requested donations in lieu of gifts which raised over £1600!  All this together with gift aided personal donations, has been a fantastic help, THANK YOU!

However, we need to keep going as there is currently no contingency fund to cover unexpected problems and there are always unexpected problems when dealing with repairs to buildings such as this!  Apart from unexpected problems, the damp caused by being without a roof for so long has taken its toll on the internal plasterwork which will need attention after the roof has been fixed.  So with that in mind, please don’t forget to come along to the fundraising coffee morning & afternoon tea this Saturday 21st November, for further details click here

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Scaffolding being erected, which should be finished by the weekend.
Scaffolding being erected, which will take several days before the inspection can begin of the roof timbers.