Wind Farm Latest

We have been informed by the EnergieKontor Project Manager for the erection of 10x110m high wind turbines on Fulbeck Airfield that their planning application will be submitted to SKDC within the next couple of weeks.  We have spoken to the SKDC Planning Office who have confirmed that this is the case.  EnergieKontor will also be applying to NKDC for planning permission for some of the additional infrastructure that falls within the NKDC area to support the wind turbines.

Clearly, this has come as a bit of a shock given that RWE has backed off from the Temple Hill appeal.

The planning officer at SKDC – not Phil Moore – has stated that once the application has been validated they intend for it to go in front of the Planning Committee around a month later.  Parish Councils will have 21days in which to respond.

VETO is now gearing up to let the local residents know that the application is going forward and we would be most grateful if you would alert your parish council.  VETO will provide a detailed response to the EnergieKontor planning application and, should you wish, we will copy it to you as a matter of urgency to assist your councillors in formulating your response.

If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours truly,

VETO Core Committee