Barnby swan rescued and released back into the wild

Did anyone think they spotted a man carrying a swan in his arms through the village in the New Year?  If so you weren’t mistaken!

Barnby residents Neil and Jo spotted and rescued the injured swan from the banks of the river Witham on 2nd January.

Neil recalled the event as it unfolded.  “Jo phoned the RSPCA and went on ahead to meet them at our house while I made my way back with the swan. It had an injury to its wings which resulted in a fair bit of blood loss and left it with a piece of flesh 2 inches long hanging out of the wound.  It also had a problem with its left leg.  This was more than likely caused by a wire strike.  The RSPCA took it to King’s Lynn centre and we asked if we could collect it after it had recovered and release it back on its home turf.”

After collecting the swan from the RSPCA centre at King’s Lynn and driving it back, Neil and Jo took it the final few hundred metres by wheelbarrow to the riverbank.

The release was (just about) captured on video as shown below (the swan decided not to go straight in the water!).    Thanks very much to Neil and Jo for all their efforts in rescuing and returning this protected bird, and also for sharing their story with us all on

Neil & Jo also have been told they can keep the crate as pictured below, so it’s available if anyone needs it for future wildlife rescues!